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Sufficient-C really works!  

I just cured a bladder infection with it, stirring one tsp. into half a glass of water, which comes to roughly 2,000 mg., and within 10 minutes it was gone!  

Ever since my interview with Caralyn Vessal in the ezine, people have been asking me how to order Sufficient-C, so I’ve decided to make a special page for it here on my website.    

Click below: 

Sufficient-C is Non-GMO, made in the USA (not China), affords 2-4 grams of Vitamin C per glass… I previously told all my clients to buy Emergen-C but then I read the label!  The first ingredient listed is sugar, which is insane because sugar destroys vitamin C!  The second ingredient listed is fructose, which is just sugar under another name; what the heck!  

Sufficient-C is sweetened with Stevia which is an all-natural, plant-based sweetener.  With more vitamin C per glass and no artificial ingredients, Sufficient-C is the obvious choice!


To see my interview with Caralyn Vessal and learn more about Sufficient-C, click here:

High-dose Vitamin C–It’s Finally Here!




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