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Samuel Hahnemann

First we should know how to pronounce it:


It’s a Greek word that means “Let likes be cured by likes.” 

It was always known that sometimes a person needed “a taste of his own medicine” or a “hair of the dog that bit him”, but it took Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, in 1810, to put this folklore concept into an actual science with medicines that we refer to as homeopathic remedies; or, just simply “remedies”.

Why should you embrace this 200 year old healing art that you may never have heard of?   Because these remedies actually work–and without the harmful side effects of drugs!





People usually find out about homeopathy quite by accident.  They have a cold, they’ve already tried the usual pharmacy, now they’re in the health food store giving natural medicine a try.  They see a homeopathic dropper bottle labeled:

“Sore Throat”

“Maybe this will help,” they think; just hoping against hope, and then are stunned by the surprising result!  “Why doesn’t my doctor know about this?” they wonder.  Now they’re curious and start reading books on the subject and buying more remedies for their other problems….  As a matter of fact, my friend “Maryanne” came over some time ago, bringing her boyfriend with her, and explained to him that I was a homeopath.  He asked me if I had something for excessive sweating.  I asked him a few questions and, after checking my books, decided the remedy he needed was Nux vomica.  Nux vomica is a plant indigenous to India and the East Indies and, translated into English, it means “poison nut”.  We don’t give you the plant, that would be herbology; and besides, it’s toxic.  We make a “remedy” out of it.  (See “How To Make Your Own Remedy” in the side-bar for more information.)

I gave him a few drops of Nux vomica 30C.  I saw him again at Maryanne’s house a few days later.  He said, “I’m doing great!  I want some more Nux vomica!”  I said, “I don’t get it.  If you’re doing great, why do you want more?”  “That stuff really works!” he exclaimed.  “Exactly,” I said.  “That’s why you don’t need anymore.”  He insisted!  He demanded!  I tell you, he would NOT take no for an answer!  He wore me down!  Who asks for medicine when they don’t need it?  Answer: people who have experienced the “homeopathic miracle”, and they will actually use those words!   

(Caution: everyone with excessive sweating does not need Nux vomica.  Nux vomica happened to match this individual’s assertive, pushy, impatient nature!)

The Law Of Similars

Homeopathy works for one simple reason:  Likes are cured by likes!  They are not cured by contraries/opposites, even though that would seem to be logical, and what most of standard medicine is based on,  but you really have to think this through.  We are not inanimate objects!  The human body is a self-adjusting entity, it does not remain static like a rock or a stone!  It changes for every stimulus impressed upon it!  If you apply cold to the body, it heats up!  Whatever you do to it, it attempts to do the opposite to restore balance.  If you burn your mouth at the Chinese Restaurant from the hot mustard (and who among us hasn’t?) the ice water you dive into for relief “works” only for as long as you hold it in your mouth and then as soon as you swallow it, the burn comes back — with a vengence!  Why?  Because the impression of cold forced your mouth to heat up and it was already burnt, so now you’ve got twice the burn!  You don’t want to initiate a process that’s going to aggravate; namely,  burn –> ice water –> burn –> ice water –> burn… The sufferer finally gives up and says, “This ice water thing is not working, it’s just making me worse!”  

This is the prototype for all of standard medicine! 

How has orthodox medicine failed to notice that the human body is constantly changing and adjusting in response to outside influences–including their own drugs?

What are all standard drug names preceded by?  The word “anti”!  And what does “anti” mean?  It means “opposite” or “against”, as in the medicine is opposite to the complaint, the way ice water is opposite to a burn:  antibiotics, antihistimines, anti-inflammatories….  These substances create the same scenario in the body that the ice cold water creates on the burnt tongue–temporary relief as long as it’s there, followed by an aggravation when it’s gone!  It means that you can’t cure anything this way!

The body self-adjusts to all impressions!

This is an indictment of the main premise of modern medicine–that you can give an “anti” drug, and it will cure!

All drugs pacify in the beginning and aggravate on the way out!

The aggravation at the end is called “rebound”, that’s your complaint springing back to the foreground after having been temporarily held in abeyance by the ice water or the drug.  Rebound calls out for the drug to be repeated, just as you keep instinctively grabbing for the ice water again.  This is the beginning of the addictive process, because, indeed, you CAN’T stop the drug – or the ice water – without suffering anew.  Eventually “tolerance” sets in and the drug needs to be stronger.  Tell me if you’ve heard this before:  “Doctor, my sleeping pill doesn’t work anymore.  It worked great in the beginning but now I’m back to not being able to sleep again!”

“No problem, Mrs. Jones!!!” the doctor says.  “This happens all the time.  I’ll just write you a prescription for a stronger sleeping pill!”

Famous last words.

Does anybody remember Michael Jackson?

Did you know that by the time he OD’d he needed anesthesia to get to sleep at night?  On the night that he died, he had already taken numerous sleeping pills that had absolutely no effect on him!  He demanded from the in-house doctor that he set up the anesthesia so he could fall asleep!  This is the end-game with Rx drugs, this is how it ends, one way or another, in death.  Every 19 minutes, according to CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, someone dies from a prescription drug overdose. 

Ask yourself, how many people are addicted to their nasal sprays?  Their laxatives?  Their inhalers?  Their blood pressure medicine, their pain medication and so on.  This is what I’m talking about, it will all end badly because the complaint keeps coming back and coming back.

Big Mistake!

Now, here is an additional mistake orthodox medicine makes: being entirely symptom-oriented, masking the symptoms, covering them up so you no longer feel or see them, and, problem solved!  But, can you even do this, even for a while, without making the patient sick?  Generally, no, you can’t! 

I heard a commercial for Tamiflu on TV tonight, a drug for the flu, supposedly; but, according to the commercial, the side-effects all resemble the flu!  Vomiting, diarrhea, muscle pains…. and in fact, if you listen to the drug commercials (and I’m not sure that drug companies are allowed to advertize Rx drugs on TV outside the United States; but, here we’re bombarded with them constantly), it should be clear to you that what they do is make you sick!  (They have to disclose the side effects to keep from getting sued!)  It’s not just that they’re sweeping dust under the rug, which is bad enough, they’re actually causing disease on top of the disease that the person already has!  There’s a psoriasis drug that admits to causing cancer!  One of my clients is taking an anti-convulsant drug that causes dementia!  

In homeopathy, we don’t “like” symptoms either; but, at least we know what they are.  They’re the “fight” your body puts up to try to save your life!  You probably didn’t realize that things like fever, sneezing, coughing, etc. have the purpose of disposing of germs.  Because we respect that, our approach is different; namely, to … 

Match Symptoms To A Remedy!

“We’ll do what you’re doing!” is our motto.  “You’re sneezing?  Our remedy sneezes!”   Have you ever taken a substance that caused sneezing?   What about black pepper?  Now you’ve got the idea! 

Let’s consider a broken bone.  The patient may be lying perfectly still, unable to move without experiencing a very sharp pain.  While the doctor deals with this by administering morphine (which will cause the pain to be even worse when it wears off), we ask ourselves, “What remedy lies perfectly still in pain?”  And the answer is…  Bryonia, which is the name of a beautiful climbing plant.

The Bryonia patient holds perfectly still in pain, not daring to even breathe!  A dose of Bryonia is given and the pain goes away!  Why?  Because Bryonia is similar to sharp pains, as it would cause sharp pains if taken in over-dose!  (Gee, I hope that wasn’t too confusing.) 

Not everybody holds perfectly still in pain!  Some people become frantic, moving about recklessly and screaming, “I’m gonna die!  I’m gonna die!”  These people need Aconite, which is a pretty flower that grows in turbulent weather surroundings.  Others might just cry for their “mommy”.  These people need Pulsatilla, a nice little flower that’s easily blown over and needs a lot of support.  How do we know all this?  Three ways: 1. The life and the environment of the substance itself suggests what it would be good for.  2.  Accidental poisonings give more information, and 3.  All these remedies in homeopathic form were given to test-subjects (called “provers”) in overdose; and, in so doing, caused certain symptoms and behaviors to break out; thus, a profile or “image” of these remedies is gleaned and recorded; consequently, we can match a remedy to a person, and the complaint is gone!  Note, homeopathy does the complete opposite of what standard medicine does–instead of asking, “What will suppress this symptom,” homeopaths ask, “What’s similar to this symptom?”   

Returning to the original example, if you burn your mouth with hot mustard, and knowing that the body compensates and adjusts to all impressions, what’s going to happen if instead of applying ice, you give a homeopathic remedy that in over-dose would cause a burning sensation?  The mouth would adjust to that impression of heat by cooling down!  Now we’re getting somewhere, right?  You know what we often give for burns?  Homeopathic stinging nettle!  Have you ever touched a stinging nettle plant?  OMG!  I have!  Don’t do it!  But now you’re manipulating the self-adjusting mechanism of your body to act in your favor!  Your doctor doesn’t even acknowledge that this self-adjusting ability exists!  If your body can heat up or cool down all by itself, why don’t we find a way to make it take the action that suits our needs?  This is the principle we use.  It makes more sense!  Paradoxically, heat will make the body cool down, many chefs know this; after they burn themselves they place their hand over the fire for a split second; there’s a momentary aggravation, and then, relief–the exact opposite of orthodox treatment where there’s relief in the beginning followed by aggravation at the end (necessitating more and stronger dosing). 

Now, do you know what you could also do for a hot mustard burn?  You could make a remedy out of the hot mustard!  That would be very specific, would it not?  And it’s very easy to make a home-made remedy, from any substance; read my article “How To Make Your Own Remedy” (http://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/how-to-make-your-own-remedy/), everyone should know how to do this for an emergency, you don’t know when this could come in handy!  An allergic child could eat something with the allergen in it, you could quickly make a remedy out of that substance as easily as diluting the substance in a cup of water and standing at the kitchen sink with the cold water running full blast, dumping the cup out and refilling repeatedly with water for approximately 12 times and then giving a sip, and voila!  Problem solved!  That, my friends, is just as much homeopathy as those little bottles you see at the health food store!

What something can cause, it can cure in small doses! 

This is a basic principle of healing, and yet the doctors will tell you it’s nonsense, but then they’ll go and vaccinate you with a miniscule dose of a disease in order to prevent the disease and they don’t realize that that’s the homeopathic principle!  There is a lot of what we call “accidental homeopathy” in mainstream medicine–like Ritalin (speed) for hyperactive children and allergy shots for people with allergies, but, for some reason, they don’t make the larger connection that… 


Homeopathy WORKS!


For more information, see my articles in the sidebar.


Elaine takes online cases.  She will also speak to your group about homeopathy and natural healing if you live within an hour or so of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Write to her at LEWRA@aol.com

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Hi Elaine,

I love your articles in the Hpathy ezine and would like to read more of them.  Several of these articles say just what my
clients need to hear as they are well written and very
entertaining at the same time.  I am a recent graduate of Caduceus School of Homeopathy.

Thanks, Sandy


Hi Elaine

So, here is the thing — Arnica completely took care of two things — Spitting and the red spots.  Oh, yes! Sore throat gone too. So, I guess this could be your next quiz?  I’ll curiously follow it to see how many people come up with Arnica.  Once again, that was a brilliant diagnosis by you. You are the best!




You are simply a brilliant teacher, excellence by par. God bless you with long life.




Just checking in on Hpathy and LOVED the interview you did with Alan Schmukler. I thought your Sulphur poem was most excellent! Wonderful! So funny as well as accurate.  You have a gift for writing which I really enjoy. You reach the reader with insights and humor as well as knowledge and share that with them. Kudos to you!



Hi Elaine,
I’m so happy you selected my chit chat for the Quiz ..and yes more happy for the Gold Star!  I never really had an idea that learning Homoeopathy could be so fun, musical and healthy!!


Re: “FAQ”

A great article – lucid and detailed. Very practicable. Will guide beginners/ dabblers in the right direction. Will reassure many.


Re: “A Flurry of Questions”

Wow Elaine – even as a student, I know the brilliance of this article! Perhaps because I am already an herbalist and energy worker and have similar issues. I will say that homeopathy may kick up the bar a notch though! ;-) Thanks for a dose of awesomeness!


Re: “Tidbits”

Wayne Butcher

April 12, 2013

Thanks Elaine, I enjoy your work. You make everything so clear.
I’ll have to check out your web-site.


Avinash Agnihotri

April 10, 2013

Everything is from Master’s pen- based on knowledge and experience. It’s like a torch light making things clear and understandable. Thanks Elaine, continue the good work.


Re: “Why Do We Have to Talk About Diet–Again?”

Elaine, I just read your column on food and it is hilarious! You really get the reader’s attention and tell them just what they are doing wrong and how to change. They can’t miss your vivid visual examples to get your point!



Re: Elaine’s Tidbits by Elaine Lewis :
Packed full of knowledge and wisdom. Please continue the tidbits every month if possible. They will be helpful and benefit many. Thanks Elaine!



April 18, 2013
Re: Tidbits Part-2

Thanx again Elaine! Learning a lot from you. I wish other homoeopaths would have the same urge to share knowledge … It’s my firm belief, “The more you give the more you get”.  Wishing you more and more.


Erin Waterbury

December 31, 2012

I’m a skeptic trying to keep an open mind when it comes to homeopathy; I’ve no experience with the practice but the concept fascinates me. I’ve read a few of your articles today and I just wanted to let you know that for the first time its actually starting to make sense. Thank you for taking the time to write!


The segment, “Why Do We Have to Talk about Diet – Again”, by Elaine Lewis was superb!  Straight talk that needed to be said.


Joy M. Wilson, DHom, MHom, CCH
Executive Director -The Texas Institute for Homeopathy
San Antonio, TX


rhonda fredericks perrett

August 26, 2010

Nice to know there are still people around who remember my father, Carlton Fredericks.



August 20, 2010

Hi Elaine,
Thanks a lot for this. Your articles on case management, potency and repetition have helped me a lot in my cases.


From Roberto Camacho on “Revisiting: Constant Spitting With Sore Throat”–

Excellent as always.  Very, very good teacher (of course, with the aid of Shana).



March 27, 2011
Re: “Revisiting: The Pain Has Stopped Me Completely”

Thanks Elaine, you are a good teacher, indeed !!


Ravi Sondhi

May 19, 2013

Like always, you are the best teacher and true ‘Homeopathic Philosopher’, reminding again and again, the doctrine of ” what causes can cure “, thanks once again. I really miss your comments every now and again…
God bless you.


Mrinal Mohapatra

May 6, 2013

Physician par excellence!!!


Re: “Tidbits part-4 (It’s All About Cancer This Time)”

Elaine, what a great article! Cancer treatment is so difficult. You’ve done great research and I have learned about a few things that are available that I didn’t know about. We need all the tools we can find that help us, individually, or as homeopaths. Thank you for sharing.

Marilyn Freedman


Re: “Tidbits, part-5″


July 21, 2013

Extremely useful tidbits . these all are very useful. I always like ur tidbits & wait for the next one. Please continue with the same. Thanks!


Avatar of Vasiliki


August 7, 2013

Elaine I always admire your great work. I read all your articles. Bravo and thank you.



August 22, 2013
Re: “Tidbits-part 6″

The neck injury cartoon is hilarious. ha ha.  This is always the first article I read… If at all you remember, I am a fan of yours and requested you many times to please compile all your articles into a book.  Otherwise I will have to work hard and get a printout of all your articles…….


Re: “How To Make Your Own Remedy”:

I really like the way you explain so clearly compared to others who try, it seems, to go out of their way to make it difficult for the beginner, which I find doesn’t help the Homeopathic doctrine to grow.


Hi Elaine,Good job on the tidbits!
I see you have another fan who is requesting you to make a BOOK (hello?!) from your articles or in general.
Sentiments echoed glad to see.
So when is it forthcoming? Take care,
Re:  Questions Patients Ask-10
Ranbir Sidhu

July 27, 2013

What a great and clear exposition of basic questions that every homeopath faces every day.


Vamsi Sudha

September 6, 2013

Elaine:  learn with fun….this is what you aim for in your teaching techniques.
Your versatile knowledge is a sure lighthouse in an ocean of homeopathy.  I really await for your quizzes and your articles are a forever treasure. The cartoons are good :-) Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.
– Vamsi Sudha




September 20, 2013

Elaine, one reason I love the Hpathy ezine is because it has you in it!


  • Avatar of Manish Bhatia

    Manish Bhatia

    September 21, 2013

    Ditto here! :D


M. Nisar

February 8, 2010

Dr. Elaine,
May God give you a very, very long life so that you can continue to guide and provide information on homeopathic treatments to ignorants like us. Your style is fabulous and inimitable, so simple yet so effective. This was a wonderful article on acute prescribing and the 4 guiding principles were so nicely explained. Your “Quizzes” are another source of learning and I simply love them.
Please keep it up.


Ravi Sondhi

February 12, 2010

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. May you live a very long life,
in order to bless the ignorant and untrained, who need to know how to think, so that
every one attains the level of standard in homeopathy worth achieving.

HOW MANY times your Quizzes have solved the acute problems only people like me
have to thank you for a wonderful teaching not available in any books.
Once again may the all mighty God bless you for a healthy and long life.
Yours Sincerely, I mean it, Ravi


Jim Hebert

April 10, 2010

The article is super good.  Elaine, besides having an excellent knowledge of homeopathy, has a way of explaining it in her writings that make it so easy to understand. She provides many examples which help to clarify all the fine points she makes. I just don’t have the words to express just how much I enjoy Elaine’s articles. I will try to remember all that she says so I can apply it. I don’t feel comfortable to try her quizzes yet but I’ve got the urge to soon try. Please pass this on to her and I appreciate her so much. Thank You Elaine and the Hpathy Ezine.


anika demarco

June 29, 2010

Elaine is a great writer!  I am a new patient of hers and her writing is superb!  Even patients can learn something, and that means she is a great writer!  Keep up the good work!




January 9, 2011

Elaine I Love You. I find your articles so amazing and informative that I have to take notes…you do have a way with words…I am not a doctor, and I’ve never been to one, thanks to homeopathy and you and lots of other people like you.  I treat my husband, my little girl and my family and me.  Looking forward for more such articles from you.  Thank you so much.


Avatar of Vicky(Vasiliki) Zora

Vicky(Vasiliki) Zora

August 26, 2012

Dear Elaine,

We thank u so much for the knowlegde we gain every month through the hpathy Quiz. It’s an advanced school for all new homeopaths. We encourage you to go on.
Warm regards
Vasiliki (Vicky) Zora
Skiathos Greece


Re: “The Homeopathic Interview”

vatsala sperling

October 8, 2013

Funny and packed with knowledge! thanks for writing this Elaine.


Mary Ann Kirby,R.N.

October 10, 2013

Dear Elaine Lewis,
Your explanation of homeopathy and examples of remedies are so educational, and should help all understand.


Ravi Sondhi

August 8, 2013

wouldn’t it be a good idea to collate all your work in one place?
and call it ‘ eBook ‘s? Would like to offer towards its cost, as a permanent record,
after all there is only one Elaine Lewis who is capable to subscribe for the benefits of
Homeopathy. Please do consider. thanks Ravi


Re: Elaine’s interview with Robin Murphy, ND


Kuldip Singh

January 16, 2011

I think this interview-article that Elaine conducted with Robin Murphy is one of the best I have ever read, extremely rich in its content. Dr Robin Murphy is a real present day homeopath free from all shackles, dogmas conventions and traditions. He is very much in tune with the times and understands today’s requirements. He offers himself as an example of  ‘practicing what he preaches’.  Elaine Lewis has pertinently revealed that he is 60 years old, a vegetarian, still having natural black hair and taking no drugs.  All credit goes to Elaine for eliciting the maximum out of Dr. Murphy for the benefit of her readers. She richly deserves all gratitude and abundant appreciation for this marvelous interview.


Hi Elaine
Really love your website. Is so interesting and I love how you explained the meaning of Homeopathy.
Truly amazing.   Have a great day Elaine ;) and thanks so much.
Truly appreciated.
I love how you write, it is so informative but not so complex for others that are not into homeopathy.
Love it Dr. Lewis
Mayte Sanchez

:) You are so exceptionally good! I am going to irritate you every month now with my participation and intelligent sounding questions (pun intended).

  1. Reply   Edit

    Roberto Camacho

    October 25, 2013

    Thank you, Elaine, for being so generous with your homeopathic knowledge; that is a distinction of genuine Homeopaths.


    Re: “Using More Than One Remedy In A Case”


    June 11, 2010

    Another great article from Elaine! I love the way Elaine writes. Clear, to the point and always in a way I can understand. I wish there were more articles such as this in the E-zine and less “technical” ones. These are what the majority of us read and learn from. Way to go Elaine and keep it up!


    Re: “Today’s The Day! (Elaine Turns 100)”


    November 6, 2013

    Congratulations to you (and Rhus Tox of course!). Reading your articles and the quiz, in your inimitable style, month after month, has been such a learning experience for me. So a very big thank you for all the effort you put in to make homeopathy so exciting.


    Harsh Goel

    November 10, 2013

    Great effort, great articles that remove a lot of confusion.


    I keep waiting for something new from you…thank you


    Re: “The Shortest Quiz on Record!”

    Dear Elaine,

    Thank you very much.
    You have been one of my teachers / guides /mentors.
    For the first time I tried to reach you.
    So happy that I was right.
    Thank you for your loving reply.
    Best regards
    Dear Elaine,

    I am very sorry, I had not given my name while sending the mail to you.

    My name is ML Singh, from Bareilly, India.

    [Personal Information…

    I am a great fan of yours. I enjouy all your write-ups in HPathy.com and have read all your articles which either you have written alone or with Mati Fuller or else.

    I am a non-homeopath (not had any formal Homeopath education, am a Homeo hobyist for almost 40 years.

    I have served in Indian Air force as a Tecnical person and was a specialist in Electronics and Telecommuncation and was capable of repaiingr/maintaining any electronic equipment (house-hold items or /defence/military equipment).

    Along side I developed hobby in Homeopathy in my early days in service  and was always helping my family / my neighbours / friendns and their families / and my Air Force unit personnel and their families through homeopathy while I was serving. Now I am an Ex-service man (Retired).

    If…. I had an upportunity to study Homeopathy in college, certainely I would have appreciated a teacher/Guru like you.

    I read all your Homeo-Quizzes very interestingly and admire your discussions/guide-lines/ through participants. Always, it seems to me that I am sitting in your class and attending your lectures, and you are always available to give your suggestions/support…

    Love to Shana and great respect to you.]

    Thankfully yours,

    ML Singh Kushwaha.


    Dear Elaine Lewis and Shana Lewis,

    Thank you very much for the Tidbits and Quizzes that you gave to us during 2013.
    I wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy 2014 Year.
    Dr. Kimtsou Anastasia

    Linda Santini

    December 10, 2013

    Hi Elaine,

    As always, I LOVE what you have written! This time you’ve written about finding the remedy in a difficult case. Every time I visit your site or read your fun and fabulous articles in Hpathy ezine, I always learn something new.

    Keep up the good work! I love homeopathy and wish I weren’t so bloomin’ old so I could become a pro but I’ll have to settle for just doing what I can. I’m working to get my children and granddaughter interested in homeopathy.


    Re: Tidbits part 4–It’s About Cancer This Time

    Reply   Edit

    January 1, 2014

    Thank you for sharing great information Elaine! This is another great article to your credit!



    Re: Homeopathy: Frequently Asked Questions

    Elaine, I read your FAQ article and it was exactly what I had been looking for – I just couldn’t find those specific Q & A’s in other blogs or books; the info out there is so general. I feel like I should forward your article to my old (fired) homeopath!  Thank you greatly for sharing your knowledge.




    Re: Tidbits 11, Everything You’re Doing Is Wrong!

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    January 17, 2014

    Elaine, this is an awesome article. It’s everything you need to know all in one place. I’m keeping it for posterity and to give to all my moms. Thanks for the great work!

    Shirley Reischman


    Re: Tidbits part 11: Everything You’re Doing Is Wrong!

    Avatar of vatsala sperling

    Reply   Edit

    February 4, 2014

    Elaine, this is one fantastic article. Just posted the link on my fb page. You lay out clearly that when it comes to raising kids and and living our lives, we should use common sense and make smart choices that would promote a lifestyle closer to nature.

    Vatsala Sperling


    Hello Elaine,

    How are you? You may not remember me but we’ve had a few conversations in the past, long ago.

    I just finished reading your article “Tidbits part 11″. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I always enjoy your writing but this one was particularly good.

    I offer lectures to students and adults in my community on Health, Nutrition and Homeopathy and many of the subjects you include in your article I also discuss. And since your article is so in-depth, I will be using some of the stats and points that I did not already have. Thank you for helping me inform my attendees.

    I’ve also shared your article on Facebook.

    Thank you again for all the great work that you have done and continue to do in the community.



    Claude Marie Lainesse DSHomMed

    Avatar of Debby


    February 14, 2014

    Dear Elaine – I would like to celebrate along with you for 10 years of doing this marvelous Quiz. I’m sure thousands of people have learned from the twosome: Shana and Elaine. CONGRATULATIONS!
    love, Debby


    Re: Questions Patients Ask-4



    April 19, 2011

    Brilliant – can we have more of these please. Give Elaine my thumbs up – excellent and also written in a way a lay-man can understand.


    Re: Questions Patients Ask-6


    Karen Sine

    July 26, 2011

    I can’t thank you enough for your articles. I’ve studied homeopathy for a number of years, but never fail to learn (and unlearn my bad habits) from your writings. I’m especially grateful for you comments about the importance of acute prescribing. Relieving people of their pain quickly and gently is the best introduction to homeopathy – often the only one. Many thanks from an ardent fan.


    Re: Tidbits part 12: More Stuff You’re Doing Wrong…



    February 20, 2014

    Uno mas de los preciosos y muy orientadores articulos de la Dra. Elaine, Se le percibe bien informada y con una gran capacidad de trasmitir los conocimientos. Siempre al ver la revista, busco sus artículos primeramente. Felicitaciones.


    Re: Tidbits part 12: More Stuff You’re Doing Wrong…

    Avatar of Nandita Jackson

    Nandita Jackson

    February 18, 2014

    Thank you Elaine, for your wonderful passion for human beings’ health and well-being. I appreciate the way you write about the ever expanding control the pharmaceutical companies are having on doctors and their patients globally. People are being indoctrinated with the so-called ‘science’ of vaccination, and medical drugs being the ‘only’ way to health.
    Thank you for flying the flag of truth and educating people about more healthy choices!


    Re: Elaine Backs Into An Eczema Case

    Jan Clare


    April 29, 2011

    Elaine you are an awesome teacher! Loved this case and learned a lot. Thank you!


    Re: More Stuff You’re Doing Wrong

    Avatar of Louise everist

    Louise everist

    February 25, 2014

    Really a joy to read your articles, keep up the excellent work!


    Re: “More Stuff You’re Doing Wrong…”

    Avatar of kumud singh

    kumud singh

    March 7, 2014

    just started reading your articles and completely in love with them!!!!!


    Re: What Remedy Is Beethoven:


    1. <:article id=comment-75091>
      Avatar of Anurag Mittal

      Anurag Mittal

      April 17, 2014

      Hi Elaine,

      This quiz was phenomenal, not only it was interesting to judge an historical personality, the way you answered was simply great. You taught us not only Sulphur, but other remedies like Arsenicum, Nux Vomica, Lycopodium and Staphysgaria, etc. very well. Normally Homeopaths get confused between remedies, the skill to eliminate other remedies is also very important. I liked the argument, “Will Arsenicum write on the wall??”. Need to learn a lot from you…

      thanks and regards,



      Reply   Edit


      May 29, 2014

      Long live Elaine, there is not going to be an other person like you let alone a homeopathic doctor.
      God sent gift to us all. Thanks once again.


      Re: Tidbits 15, Your Homeopathy Emergency Kit

      Avatar of Guruji


      May 30, 2014

      I AM SEARCHING FOR APPROPRIATE WORDS. OF. APPRECIATION, BUT…, how to say? May God bless you many hundreds of years of life span to write more like this.



      Your articles are an exception in Hpathy.com. Frankly speaking, I would do a search on “Elaine” first in hpathy magzine, read your articles and then read the rest. I feel I have missed quite a lot of your articles in the previous hpathy magzines….dating back from 2004…
      Is there a way we can get a link to “ALL” your articles ( titbits, questions people ask, materia medica ..etc….) ???? It would be a jackpot for me….:)
      Re: Tidbits, part 15–“Your Homeopathy Emergency Kit”

      This article was amazingly helpful and a great educational tool. Emergency kits are certainly not a new idea, but with your refreshing explanations this is a must have for every family. It is easy to understand and very thorough. Thank you, thank you Elaine.

      Celeste F Heiser


      Avatar of ranbir singh sidhu

      ranbir singh sidhu

      June 25, 2014

      It is always a pleasure to read Elaine’s articles.  Very lucid in exposition and of great practicle use.


      Avatar of Linda Santini, M.Ed.

      July 7, 2014

      I love your articles, Elaine. You make it so fun to learn.

      Linda Santini


      Great article on Calc. Carb Elaine!
      I enjoyed it immensely along with your very good illustrations of cartoon characters! Have to look at the clips on them still. :)This is what you were working on!You also quoted some of my very faves – Catherine Coulter and Philip Bailey -love their stuff!You did a great job!Congrats!Lynda :)

      Magdalene Paula

      Hi Elaine,

      I am a Traditional Naturopath trying to introduce Homeopathy into my Practice.

      I have read many of your Articles at HPathy – and other Homeopathic sites / Forums

      You have become familiar to me before we have become virtual friends.
      Mutual friends say very nice things about you – like being humble – and talented as a Practitioner.
      I thought you should know.
      Warm regards,
      Re: “Myths About Modern Medicine”
      Elaine, the “Myths About Modern Medicine” — oh my gosh.  Hope agents don’t show up at your doorstep!  lol  That was like “60 Minutes” only way more interesting, and with “Simpsons” graphics!  (Love the scientist guy–Prof. Frinck!)
      Elaine, I have re-read your ‘FAQ’ article on your hpathy.com website and the article titled ‘Before Starting Homeopathy, Read This’ and I must let you know how very informative, helpful, engaging and humorous they are!  It’s great education!



      Subject: Re: Online consultation
      Hi Elaine the good news is: increased 1 kg weight in the last 10 days and the hands look visibly pinker so Hb has increased.  Previously they looked yellow.  So I think we are on the right track.  You nailed it.
      Great!!!  Thanks.  You are brilliant.

      Dear Elaine,

      you taught us a really interesting lesson in the October quiz and  it  certainly means a big encouragement for me.  Last Friday I had an acute case exactly very similar to your quiz case except that the problem was in the respiratory system. And dosing of remedy was the same, too. At the beginning Ars. C30 4 x per hour by solution in water, after which the child vomited large amount of mucus. She started dancing with joy that she is o.k.

      After a short time  symptoms returned.  So I had to recommend the same remedy in potency C200 and this really worked.  Ironically, we know about this process, but I do not know why we rather frequently change remedies and therefore we risk  that the case becomes unnecessarily entangled. I  was  reticent to administer  Arsenicum because the little girl wanted ice and ice water, since I  know that an Arsenicum case desires little sips of hot drinks. But now I  hunted down in the Repertory and I learned that I have a big gap in my knowledges. Apparently I was confused with the fact that the warm ameliorates, which is not the same as the desire for ice water and ice, that in turn aggravates the case. My current case had exactly the same symptoms and if you didn’t disclose results of your quiz, I´d probably not have prescribed Arsenicum because of ice water , and if so, obviously, I would probably not have gone on to the higher potency either. I ´m writing mainly due to the fact that I am grateful for the opportunity to compete in solving your quizzes in order to broaden my homeopathic horizon. Thank you very much.  Yours faithfully, Miroslav


      Elaine, have you considered writing all these beautiful articles of yours into a book? You have a very unique communicability (I hope I am using the word correctly) and you make the reader understand in a minute  what you are saying. This is charisma.
      I have many books from big old guns of homeopathy and they write so boring and so difficult to understand that it is a miracle if I finish the book.  I include Hahnemann among them.  If it weren’t for you, I would never have understood major principles mentioned in the Organon.
      Simplicity to the point is a gift. And most homeopathic writers lack this. I would definitely buy your book!


      Re: “How To Make Your Own Remedy”

      1. December 10, 2014

        I couldn’t refrain from commenting.  Exceptionally well written!


        Hi Elaine
        This is Monisha. I think of u everyday. So today when the scale showed 2.5 kg increase in weight I said I must thank u. I really feel better have not required another dose of Arsenicum again. My husband who was skeptical initially when I consulted u has conveyed his thanks. He said what a doctor to have cured u with poisons, first spider venom then snake venom and last arsenic. He does not understand homeopathy.
        I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
        God bless wonderful souls like you.


        Enjoying the articles as always, but always go for yours first. :)  Have a wonderful Christmas!


        Thank you for your friendship and advice over the past year. I hope the coming festive season gives you and Shana great cheer.
        You have helped me with my Homoeopathy; I am grateful for this.Regards, Wayne Butcher
        Dear Elaine,
        Its seems like Nitric acid worked well.  I had two doses of it.  My toothache is almost disappeared today.  I will wait if it returns back tomorrow.  If so,  I will repeat it again.
        It was so painful,  have much relief now.  Thank you so much being my Homeopath.  I am blessed!
        Ashok Singh


        Elaine, my dog’s energy is improving too. When she leaks, she also drinks more water. Today is her first day with no leaking since we started. She drinks normally and she is much happier. If she continues that way, I will start after a week to reduce the dosing from Sepia 6C 4 times a day to 3 times a day. The homeopathy is really working amazingly, but the problem is that you cannot find the homeopath that can give you the real instructions how to use it. That was my problem here and I believe this is the problem for many patients throughout the world. I was searching for more then a month until I found your site, and I consider myself the lucky one.