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So, first we should know how to pronounce it:
It’s a Greek word that simply means “Like cures like”.   Literally, “homeo” means “same”, “pathy” means “disease”; so, “same disease”.  The medicine is the same as the disease; or, “like cures like”.  It may not make any sense to you now but read on and I assure you, it will.

A Hair Of The Dog That Bit You

Everyone’s heard that phrase.  “How about a hair of the dog that bit you?”  It’s what you say to someone who’s had too much to “drink” and now he’s got a headache–what we call a “hang-over”.  It means, “Here, take a small sip of whisky.”
Here’s another one:  “What that person needs a taste of his own medicine!” or, another one, “We have to fight fire with fire!”  These are all examples of “like cures like”, but it took Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1810, to put this folklore concept into an actual science with medicines that we refer to as homeopathic remedies; or more simply, “remedies”.

Arnica tubes

Why should we embrace a 200 year old obscure healing art that most people have never heard of, when we can avail ourselves of “modern medicine”?  Wouldn’t that be better?  Well first of all, homeopathy wasn’t always obscure; and secondly, to the extent that it is, we can thank Big Pharma’s single-minded mission of silencing all treatments that it doesn’t personally own!  You know, even Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of the U.S. Constitution, warned that if medical freedom of choice wasn’t written into the Constitution… well, here it is:  

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come
when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict
the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to

Too bad no one listened to him.  Anyway, the fact is, homeopathic remedies work–miraculously–and without the harmful side effects of drugs!



People usually find out about homeopathy quite by accident.  
Maybe it’s an unrelenting cough, and nothing in the drugstore has worked, so now the health food store is tried.  There sits a homeopathic dropper bottle labeled simply:
Hoping against hope, “Cough” is purchased, and then comes the surprising result!  

“Why doesn’t my doctor know about this?”   

This actually happened to me!  My daughter, Shana, had a horrendous cough that she picked up at a “water park” when she was 8 years old.  In desperation, I took her to a homeopath after this had gone on way too long–over a month.  The next day, incredibly, to my amazement, the cough was noticeably better; but I have to confess:  I had so little faith in homeopathy that after I gave the first dose, I threw the remedy away!  I know it sounds crazy, but I guess I had gotten so used to things failing….  but, at some point on day-2, it started to dawn on me that she had stopped coughing!  Oh my gosh!  A frantic search ensued for it; I was desperately rummaging around, and incredibly, found it in the trash in the bathroom; I breathed a huge sigh of relief!  Yes, Shana recovered completely!   

The Law Of Similars

Apparently “likes” really are  cured by “likes”!   Why don’t “opposites” cure?  That’s what your doctor believes, after all.  It seems so logical, but once I explain it to you, you will say, “Oh, of course!”  And here is the explanation:  Living beings are not inanimate objects!  
Yes, that’s it.  Why is that such a revelation?  Because all your Pharma drugs are predicated on the assumption that we ARE inanimate objects, objects that never change, that will just accept the drug passively and allow it to work its magic.  I’m sure that’s what you think too.  But that is not what happens!  Your body is actually alive, alive with all kinds of ability to adjust and readjust to all the impressions and assaults that are hurled at it each day!
The body is not made of granite!  You can put a chunk of ice on a rock and the rock will get cold and stay cold!  But if you put a piece of ice on a human being, the human will heat up and the ice will melt!  Stated simply, human beings self-adjust to all impressions; the human body does not stay constant; so, you can’t simply create a drug that has a given effect and think that the effect will be accepted and accommodated, because that is NOT what the human body does.  What it does is smash your drug to pieces!  Why?  It’s an invader!  It’s perceived as some alien force that is not OF the body, that has no business IN the body, and therefore has to be destroyed!  This is why drugs need constant repetition, because the body perceives them as a threat and destroys them!


We call this phenomenon “rebound”, it’s what happens when the illness returns–or rebounds– after the body has destroyed the “invader” drug!  
Whatever you do to the body, it does the opposite,  to restore “balance”.  Your body is always working to establish balance!  If you send a drug in to treat stomach acid, your body’s going to respond with, “Whoa!  What is happening here?  There’s supposed to be acid in the stomach, I’m sure of that, and now there’s none!  Well, this is all wrong!”  So what does the body do?  It makes MORE acid, even more than usual because the drug created such an imbalance!  And now the drug has stopped working and in its wake there is twice the amount of acid that there was in the beginning!  “Doctor, my pain is even worse now!”  No problem, says the doctor, just take your antacid more often!  Well, the same scenario just repeats itself!      
As an example, have you ever been to a Chinese Restaurant?  I love Chinese food, in spite of the ever-present danger of burning your mouth with the hot mustard!  Has this ever happened to you?  You grab the ice water, right?  It works great for the moment–until you swallow!  As soon as that happens, look out!  Your mouth is burning again with a vengeance!  Why is this happening?  Why doesn’t the ice water give lasting relief?  Because the impression of ice  forces your mouth to heat up  to restore balance! 
Your body is ALWAYS striving for balance!  How do you think this affects the burn you got from the hot mustard?  It’s going to make it worse, which is going to force you to…drink MORE ice water, which, again, will force your mouth to compensate by heating up; and then… you’ll reach for MORE ice water–this never-ending cycle is…  

The prototype for all of standard medicine!  

The clueless doctor never gets the message!  He keeps saying, “Let’s give the drug again!”  What is he setting in motion here?  Drug ADDICTION!     

The body self-adjusts to all impressions!

This is the conundrum of modern medicine–that you can’t give an “anti” drug without making the patient drug-dependent!

All drugs palliate in the beginning and aggravate in the end, leading to repetition of the drug and the beginning of addiction!

Indeed, you CAN’T stop the drug, because “rebound” becomes increasingly intolerable.  Eventually “tolerance” sets in, meaning that your body has so compensated for the drug, so risen to the occasion, if you will, that it no longer experiences the drug effect at all; so, higher and higher potencies of the drug are needed to make your body feel it again; ultimately, you’re in the untenable position where nothing works anymore!    
Ask yourself, how many people are addicted to their nasal sprays, laxatives, inhalers, sleeping pills…. Eventually the highest potency is reached and the drug is at the end of its line!  Then what?  Where does the patient go for relief now?  There is, unfortunately, a limit to drug-potency, to how “high” a drug can go; a drug gets to so many milligrams and that’s it.  But there is no limit to the body’s capacity to “rebound”!  Consequently, in the war between the drug’s symptom-suppressing capacity and the body’s “rebound” capacity, the drug always loses; and there you are, with nothing for your acid stomach or your burn or any other complaint you can name!  
Great planning!

Mistakes Were Made!

So, added to the mistake we just described (healing with “opposites”), we have Orthodox Medicine’s other mistake, namely aiming drugs at symptoms.  And people are OK with that since they believe that symptoms are the heart of the problem, and I know it seems that way; but actually, symptoms are how the body DEALS with problems!  There’s something called “cause and effect”.   Orthodox Medicine deals with effects, and leaves the causes alone.  
By aiming drugs at effects, Orthodox Medicine attempts to make the body do things that it would never, ever do in a million years on its own, like stopping a fever with the pathogens still there! That would never happen without the use of force, because fever occurs naturally to destroy pathogens, it’s an EFFECT caused by the presence of viruses and bacteria and consequently, when a drug forces the fever to stop against the body’s will, what you have is a “false normal”, a temperature “normal” in name only, because in reality, there’s nothing “normal” about what’s going on, a body being infested with invaders, and no fever as a response.  The patient is still sick but there’s no recognition of that by Orthodox standards.  The thermometer reads “normal”, so, case closed!  It’s quite reckless and irresponsible! 
It’s like driving your car with the emergency brake on, or going 60 m.p.h. in 2nd gear–your car wasn’t built to do that, it would never do that on its own, you would have to use force to make that happen, and needless to say, of course there will be consequences for such reckless disregard of how your car is supposed to be treated!  
Of course, homeopaths understand that symptoms are uncomfortable and no one wants to suffer from them; but, they also understand that symptoms are a response to an underlying CAUSE, like the presence of a virus, and so the problem, then, is the cause, and not so much the symptom that springs up from it!  We know that the only way for the symptom to go away is for the immune system to believe that the cause is gone–because the immune system is the one that initiated the symptom, so, it’s not going to let go of it until it “believes” there is nothing more to treat!  How, then, do we make the immune system believe that?  That is the question! 

Mimic The Symptom With A Remedy!

That’s the answer, and that is the whole “like cures like” idea!  “We’ll mimic what the body is doing,” is our motto!  “You’re sneezing?  Our remedy sneezes; in fact, it sneezes more!”  Have you ever taken a substance that makes you sneeze?   What about red pepper?  Or even black pepper?  That’s the idea–and yes, we have remedies made out of pepper!  Why does that work to stop sneezing?  Because, knowing that the body always does the OPPOSITE because it’s always striving for balance, always self-adjusting to all impressions, if you give a remedy that “sneezes excessively”, your body will be forced to compensate by calling off the sneezing that IT has been doing–because there’s too much sneezing, there’s an imbalance!  Do you see?  The body abhors an imbalance!  
So, first you have the body sneezing (from whatever cause–a cold, hay fever, etc.), then a remedy comes along that “sneezes”, excessively…now there’s too much “sneezing” and the immune system has to restore balance!  And the only thing it can and must do is stop sneezing!  You see, the immune system itself  has to make the decision, otherwise it never ends, it’s an unending cycle, that’s the only way the symptom stops!  Using force (drugs) works temporarily but when the drug wears off, the sneezing comes back with a vengeance (“rebound”)!  Modern Medicine can suppress, can drive it inward, create a chronic disease out of it, but it can’t stop it!  

“Oh, I get it now!”

I told you you would!  You can thank Samuel Hahnemann, he thought of it!   

What something can cause, it can cure in small doses! 

What exactly does that mean?  A hair of the dog that bit you?  Why just a hair?  That seems like an awfully small dose!  How many hairs on a dog’s body?  Ten thousand?  I don’t know, I’m just guessing!  So, one drop of “dog’s hair” in 10,000 drops of water?  They say our homeopathic doses are ridiculously small, too small to be believed!  But where did this folklore come from?  A hair  of the dog?  Way back in time, someone obviously knew a little something about “nano dosing”!  And this is a typical homeopathic dose–one in 10,000 (a potency we call 10M).  This is a basic principle of healing that every ancient culture knew about!


remedy bottle and pellets

Homeopathy WORKS!


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