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For people outside of Philadelphia who cannot see me in person or would rather have their case taken online, here’s how that works.  I send out a questionnaire.  If it’s a chronic or constitutional case, I will send the questionnaire to you as an attachment to email.  If it’s an acute case (usually an illness or injury that’s less than 3 weeks old), click below:

Acute Case Questionnaire          

Email your answers back to me.  My email address is   I may have follow-up questions for you after reading your case.  To understand why homeopaths ask so many questions, click below:

The Homeopathic Interview

When all the questioning is done, I will suggest a remedy for you to take.  Homeopathic remedies are available at your health food store, Whole Foods, and online from various outlets including but not limited to:

Natural Health Supply

Ainsworth’s in London

Homeopathy Overnight

Hahnemann Labs

Click on the link below and you can see an online case I took:

Melvin Kravitz Is A Kali Carb!

Mamtha from California, a long-time client of mine, posted the following on a forum for parents with gifted children:

Hi, I hope all are well.  I am not an authority in homeopathy, but as a family we have benefited immensely from homeopathy: treating wounds, allergies, and even a bone fracture. We have referred numerous friends (with a range of physical/mental issues) over several decades to Elaine Lewis ( a fantastic homeopath, who provides online consultation. Elaine sends out a most comprehensive questionnaire, after which there is a lot of back and forth, clarifying points. The one thing about an online homeopath is that she is there all the time – our family has concluded that Elaine does not sleep :-)

Wishing healing and good times to all,



Leslie wrote the following to a prospective ITP client:

My daughter has been working with Elaine since June and she is feeling so much better now…less if any, bruising and no bleeding.  Her energy is up and we are not constantly stressed and thinking about the doctors, hospitals, treatments, etc.  It has been very freeing and Elaine has helped us every step of the way.  Worth every penny…and a lot cheaper than the other treatments.  No side effects and the homeopathy is so easy to use. Just have to find the right remedy for your daughter and it may take a little time but Elaine will persevere until she finds it.  I believe that homeopathy can and will work for anyone.  There are also a lot of supplements and nutritional changes you can use to help increase platelets and Elaine knows these and can recommend as well.

I would HIGHLY recommend Elaine, she is so knowledgeable & is ALWAYS there to answer questions.  She has been a gift.



“J”, whose complaint was enlarged prostate, wrote the following:

I’m really happy to report that I’m seeing real results.  I’ve been sleeping through the night without having to get up to pee.  Pee stream is becoming stronger and I haven’t been experiencing the “I’ve got to go but can’t” feeling as much.  Dribbling is much less.  We’re on the right path!!!  
Finally, when, exactly, do you sleep?
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Thanks, everyone!  In all honesty, the majority of my work is done online, and as you can see, the online format is not a barrier to getting results!  You never hear, “Time’s up!” with online homeopathy, and all questions are answered.  Online homeopathy is unlimited in terms of how often you can “see” your practitioner, and convenient and easy for all concerned.  

My rates are as follows:

Acute case–$55

Chronic/Constitutional case–$315 (covers three months of unlimited contact) 

Payments can be made through direct-deposit, PayPal or personal check.  If you’re not registered with PayPal, doing so is easy.  PayPal will transfer the money from your checking account to my paypal account and adjust for differences in currency.  It doesn’t cost anything to register with PayPal, so, give it a try:  

If You’re Paying With Paypal

Fill in the fields on the “Send Money to Family or Friends” page as follows:
Email address of person you’re sending money to:
Amount: type in the amount of money and select USD (US dollars) in the drop-down menu

Paying By Check

If you live in the United States, you can send me a personal check.  Let me know if this is your choice and I will send you my address. 

Paying By Direct Deposit

If your only option is direct-deposit, let me know and I will give you my bank information.


People often ask me, “Will my insurance cover you?”  Unfortunately, homeopathy is not a licensed profession in the United States except for Nevada and one or two other states; but, otherwise, insurance companies have turned a blind eye to homeopathy; people pay out-of-pocket for it.


Finally, in terms of working with me, you will be ahead of the game if you can read these two articles:
Homeopathy: Frequently Asked Questions
Before Starting Homeopathy, Read This


If you need references, feel free to write to the following:

Alan Schmukler:

Claire Krauss:

Nancy Perfitt:

Gabriela Aguero:

Partha Seetala:

Sam Roychoudhury:  

If you’re on board, send me an email so we can get started!
Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.



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