Questions Patients Ask

Questions Patients and Students Ask About Homeopathy and Natural Healing

Questions Patients Ask-1: Why Does The Remedy Have To Be In Water?
QPA-2: Dosing And Potency

QPA-3: On Dosing, Potency and Antidoting

QPA-4: Case Management, Inter-current Prescribing, Animal Remedies, How Does Homeopathy Work, Disease Rubrics

QPA-5: Case-taking, Acute vs. Chronic Prescribing, When to Make Your Own Remedy, Constitutional Remedy for Chronic Pain?

QPA-6: Vaccinations, Confusing Cases, The Sensation Method, Intercurrent Prescribing, What happens after taking a remedy, Asthma, Don’t Suppress Skin Eruptions, Etiology

QPA 7–How do you choose a homeopathic remedy? Why aren’t doctors interested in holistic medicine? How does homeopathy work?

QPA-8: The Sensation Method, Starting the Case with 12C, The Swiss Gov’t. Study Validates Homeopathy, What Remedies Should I Buy, Rhus tox, Making A Remedy from Saliva, What Does Constitutional Remedy Mean, How Important Is Etiology

QPA-9: Someone doesn’t get it, Aggravations, Psoriasis, Case Management

QPA-10: How long does the remedy stay in your body? Does the constitutional remedy ever change? Patient getting no results…. What if remedy is getting results everywhere but the chief complaint? Will your constitutional remedy cure anything that’s wrong with you? Combination Remedies. Complex Disease.

QPA 11: Why do we have to do what Hahnemann says? Homeopathic vaccinations, Acutes vs. Chronics, Redosing, The “well baby visit” and vaccinations, Constitutions, LM’s and aggravations, Dangers of Electric Blankets, Why You Need an Emergency Kit, Potencies for Acutes.

QPA 12–How to reverse a proving, Child is constantly catching cold, What are the best books for learning homeopathy, Kent’s vs. Murphy’s Repertory, Remedy reactions, Dosing schedules, Taking multiple remedies, Provings and Aggravations, When to take the next dose, Prescribing Sac-lac (aka placebo).

QPA-13: Questions about aggravations, case-management, return of old symptoms and a very interesting dog case

QPA-14: What’s wrong with large rubrics? Are low potencies for physical complaints? Copying remedies. Dosing schedules.