Famous People Materia Medica

Includes videos!  (Click on the links below.)
But I must apologize.  Sometimes Youtube yanks videos unbeknownst to me due to copyright issues!  But you can still learn a lot based on the discussion about the video that follows.  I try to check in with these articles  from time to time to make sure the videos are still there.  If not, I try to find another source and re-post.  Sometimes all sources have dried up; so, I certainly apologize for that!
As you know, I write for the hpathy.com monthly ezine called “Homeopathy 4 Everyone”.  (Please go to hpathy.com and subscribe–it’s free!)  One of my columns every month is a case quiz.  Readers are asked to guess the remedy; the answer appears in the next issue as: “Revisiting: (last month’s quiz)”; hence, the quiz along with the answer always starts with the word “Revisiting”, which explains some of the titles you see below.
Usually I give a clinical case but sometimes we have fun with “characters”–people from television, the movies, composers, cartoon characters, etc., it’s a good way to make constitutional homeopathy come to life!  Not every case a homeopath sees deals with a mental/emotional issue; but when it does, we have to find the “constitutional remedy”.  What you see below are constitutional states as shown through well-known characters.




Frasier Crane, the main character in the sitcom, “Frasier”, is a pretentious, pompous, social-climbing psychiatrist—try and guess his remedy!





You do know who Spongebob is, right?  It’s a cartoon that’s been on the air for over 20 years!  In this episode, Spongebob gets to be “Hall Monitor” for the day, but he lets the “honor” go to his head!




Raj is a character on “The Big Bang Theory”–a sitcom about science nerds.  In this episode, Raj’s sister Priya visits from India.  He thinks in his father’s absence, he’s entitled to be the boss of her but Priya lets him know that this is America, not India!


Charlie Brown, Snoopy, et al


The Peanuts Gang — Guess their constitutional remedies!


Fawlty Towers


Basil from “Fawlty Towers”, played by John Cleese of “Monty Python” fame.  What’s Basil’s remedy?  Basil is a snooty hotel owner who only wants to book guests who are “cultured” and well-educated and reflect well on him.




What remedy is Donald Trump?  I think he’s a Lachesis!  See if you agree.




When I think of Calcarea Carbonica, I think of someone like Beaver Cleaver: sluggish, slow, but sincere and well-meaning.  Learn how to recognize Calc-carb.




Sheldon is one of the science nerds from “The Big Bang Theory”.  What’s his remedy?  Sheldon has a very high opinion of himself, likes to argue/debate and is unreasonably fussy about a lot of things, making him a difficult person to live with.


Homer Simpson


Homer Simpson from “The Simpsons” is one of the best, and oldest, comedies on television!  Try and figure out Homer’s remedy.  Homer is supposed to be “Every Man”–or, more to the point, “Every American”: addicted to “action” entertainment, inconsiderate, beer-drinking, overweight, unhelpful, a slacker at work, etc., try and guess his remedy.


 Homer’s wife, Marge Simpson


Given that Homer is selfish and inconsiderate, what remedy could his long-suffering wife Marge possibly need?


What Remedy Is Bart Simpson?

(Click on the title above.)

Bart is Marge and Homer’s badly-behaved son!  What’s his remedy?




In this quiz, we’re featuring clips from “Beethoven Lives Upstairs”.  You must get this movie for your child!  But you will appreciate it more!


“Seinfeld” characters


Frank and George Costanza from “Seinfeld”.  I love this show!!!!!  Frank is bombastic, angry and unrestrained.  His son George is, well… unemployed and lives with his parents!  George, not surprisingly, suffers from low self-esteem!


Which Remedy Ruined The New Year’s Eve Party?


How different remedy-types could potentially ruin your New Years Eve Party!


I Just Need a Ride Home From the Airport!

Teens and Screens: How to Temper the Effects of Their Online Life


Which remedy-type would be most (or least) likely to leave you stranded at the airport?


“What About Bob?”


We’re featuring clips from “What About Bob?”  This is one of the funniest movies of all time!  What is Bob Wiley’s remedy?  Bob is anxiety-ridden and has latched onto his psychiatrist for dear life!


The ever-unpopular, Arsenicum alb!


Arsenicum album.  Now there’s a remedy type you’ll never want to see again!


The Odd Couple


Chuckie and Tommy of “The Rugrats” as “The Odd Couple”.  What are their remedies?


Wallace and Gromit


Please tell me you know who Wallace and Gromit are!  You’re going to want to buy these videos for your kids, but you’ll appreciate them more for yourself!  I’ll be asking you to tell me what remedy Wallace is!  Wallace is a hapless inventor; but, his dog, Gromit, is the smarter of the two.


Revisiting: What Remedy Is Hank Hill?

(Click on the title above.)

Hank Hill, from the cartoon series “King of the Hill”.  Poor Hank, he’s a hard-worker, no-nonsense type, but is embarrassed by just about everyone around him!  His son is over-weight and bad at sports and has unmasculine interests, his neighbors are ignoramuses and yahoos, and his niece, whose mother is in jail, has taken over his house!



Revisiting: Another Famous Person Quiz–Muriel and Thurgood Orenthal Stubbs from “The PJs”

(Click on the title above.)

I love this claymation satire on life in Black America!  Guess Thurgood’s and Muriel’s remedies.  Thurgood is the superintendent of the Hilton Jacobs Project (high-rise apartment building for poor people) and fancies himself a great person, but the tenants give him no respect.


What Remedy Is Dr. Martin Luther King?

(Click on title above.)

The slain and beloved Nobel Peace Prize winner, antiwar activist and fighter for the rights of the poor and minorities, was assassinated in 1968.  His birthday is now a national holiday.


What Remedy Is Marie Barone from “Everybody Loves Raymond”?

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I love this sitcom, so well-written!  Marie is like a little Jewish mother–only she’s Italian!  Meddling in her children’s lives, supposedly meaning well, she sows discord between her sons and their wives!



Try to guess the remedies of Drake and Josh!

(Click on title above.)

Have you ever seen the kids’ show “Drake and Josh”?  They’re teenage boys in a blended family who are complete opposites.  Josh thinks about his homework and getting straight-A’s, while Drake thinks about girls and Rock ‘n’ Roll!  Drake keeps getting Josh in trouble.  Try and guess their remedies!



What remedy is Jess from “Gilmore Girls”?  He’s one of those cool guys, typically wearing a motorcycle jacket—every girl’s dream boyfriend, but you should know he’ll wind up breaking your heart.  Click on the link below.



What Remedy Is Alvin of “The Chipmunks”?

(Click on the title above.)

Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite shows—so well written and adorable!  So, what remedy is the badly-behaved Alvin?  Click on the title above and find out.


What Remedy Is Emily Gilmore?

(Click on the title above.)

Do you watch the “Gilmore Girls”?  You should, it’s so well done!  This is Emily Gilmore, the matriarch of the show and very well played by Kelly Bishop.  This show is a “soap opera” for educated people, you really must see it!  It’s in reruns now and may be a little hard to find; but, you know…I didn’t discover “Seinfeld” until it was in reruns!  Emily is the prototype of a very well-known constitutional remedy in homeopathy, try to guess what it is!


A Second Look At Donald Trump

(Click on title above.)

Do I still think he’s Lachesis after 3 years in office?


Mr. Thuja!

(Click on title above.)

It’s Stephen Miller, Trump’s “advisor” on Immigration — and a Nazi-Sympathizer!  Seriously.


It’s A Mary Tyler Moore Show quiz!

(Click on title above.)

Try and guess the remedies of Mary; Mary’s best friend, Rhoda, and Rhoda’s over-bearing mother, Ida Morgenstern.  This was arguably the most popular sit-com of the 1970’s!  A classic!


Bobby Rydell

My blue-eyed soul brother from South Philly.  Watch the videos in this quiz and tell me what remedy is Bobby Rydell!  Click on the link below.

Teen Sensation – Bobby Rydell | Clear Lake Iowa




Dale Gribble

Dale is Hank Hill’s neighbor, a “conspiracy theorist”, and if this show was active today, Dale would surely be in a “militia” harrassing anybody Donald Trump labeled as a “terrible person”.  Click below:



Columbo - Wikipedia

A beloved TV detective, “Columbo” was on the air for 3 decades!  Try and guess his remedy type.



Do you watch “King Of The Hill”? Probably not. It’s a satirical cartoon about the anti-intellectual life of certain Texans. Hank Hill is the star, and Dale is his neighbor. He’s a “conspiracy nut” and if the show hadn’t ended a number of years ago, Dale would surely be a member of Trump’s shadow “army” today, making threats to anyone Trump designates as a “terrible person”.



Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory, seasons 3-4) - Loathsome Characters Wiki

Shana was reading through Dr. Luc’s materia medica on Sulphur and exclaimed, “This sounds just like Dexter!”  (One of her favorite cartoons from the ’90’s.)  Click below:




Iconic television detective that stayed on the air for 3 decades! Try and guess his remedy: