Famous Person Materia Medica

Includes videos!  I have to begin with a word of explanation.  I write for the www.hpathy.com  free monthly ezine called “Homeopathy 4 Everyone”.  (Please go to hpathy.com and subscribe!)  One of my monthly columns is a case quiz.  Readers are asked to guess the remedy and the answer appears in the next issue as, “Revisiting: [last month’s quiz]”; hence, the quiz along with the answer always starts with the word “Revisiting”, see below:

Revisiting: What Remedy Is Frasier Crane?

Frasier Crane, the main character in the sitcom, “Frasier”–try and guess his remedy!


Revisiting: What Remedy Is Spongebob Squarepants?

You do know who Spongebob is right?  It’s a cartoon that’s been on the air for 20 years!


Revisiting: And Now For Something Completely Different– A Remedy For Raj

Raj is a character on “The Big Bang Theory”–a sitcom about science nerds.


Revisiting: And Now For Something Completely Different–Part 3!

The Peanuts Gang–Charlie Brown and company.  Guess their constitutional remedies!


Revisiting: The Walk of Fame Continues!

Basil from “Fawlty Towers”, played by John Cleese of “Monty Python” fame.  What’s Basil’s remedy?


Tidbits 37: Let’s Look At Lachesis!

What remedy is Donald Trump?  I think he’s a Lachesis!  See if you agree.


The Life Of Calcarea Carbonica

When I think of Calcarea Carbonica, I think of Beaver Cleaver.


Revisiting: What Remedy Is Sheldon Cooper?

Sheldon is one of the science nerds from “The Big Bang Theory”.  What’s his remedy?


Revisiting: What Remedy Is Homer Simpson?

Homer Simpson from “The Simpsons”.  One of the best shows on television!  Try and figure out Homer’s remedy.


Revisiting: What Remedy Is Marge Simpson?

Given that Homer is selfish and inconsiderate, what remedy could his long-suffering wife Marge possibly need?


What Remedy Is Bart Simpson?

Bart is Marge and Homer’s ill-behaved son!



Revisiting: What Remedy Is Beethoven?

In this quiz, we’re featuring clips from “Beethoven Lives Upstairs”.  You must get this movie for your child!  But you will appreciate it more!


Revisiting: A Festivus For The Rest Of Us!

Frank and George Costanza from “Seinfeld”.  I love this show!!!!!


Revisiting: And Now For Something Completely Different–Again!

How different remedy-types would potentially ruin your New Years Eve Party!


Tidbits 23–Can Somebody Pick Me Up At The Airport?

Which remedy-person would be least likely to leave you stranded at the airport?


Elaine and Mati Sort out Arsenicum and Argent-nit.

We’re featuring clips from “What About Bob?” in this article.  This is one of the funniest movies of all time!


Give My Regards to Arsenicum!

Arsenicum album.  There’s a remedy type you’ll never want to meet again!


Revisiting: The Odd Couple — Another Completely Different Quiz!

Chuckie and Tommy of “The Rugrats” as “The Odd Couple”, plus a great video of Jack Klugman and Tony Randal as the real “Odd Couple”.


Revisiting: Cracking Quiz, Gromit!

Please tell me you know who Wallace and Gromit are!  You’re going to want to buy these videos for your kids, but you’ll appreciate them more for yourself!  Anyway, I’ll be asking you to tell me what remedy Wallace is!


Revisiting: What Remedy Is Hank Hill?

Hank Hill, from the cartoon series “King of the Hill”.  What’s his remedy?


Revisiting: Another Famous Person Quiz–Muriel and Thurgood Orenthal Stubbs from “The PJs”

I love this claymation satire on life in black America!  Guess Thurgood’s and Muriel’s remedies.

What Remedy Is Marie Barone from “Everybody Loves Raymond”?

I love this sitcom, so well-written!  Marie is like a little Jewish mother–only she’s Italian!  Meddling in her children’s lives, supposedly meaning well, but sewing discord wherever she goes.