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So, first we should know how to pronounce it:


Homeopathy may be a strange-sounding word but it just means “Like Cures Like” in Greek.  It may not make a lot of sense right now, but give me a minute.

“A Hair Of The Dog That Bit You”

Everyone’s heard that phrase.  It’s what you tell someone with a “hang-over” (a headache from too much alcohol the night before).  It means, “Here, take a tiny sip of the liquor you drank, that’ll fix you up.”  (I’ve never had to try it, so I don’t know.)

Here’s another one:  “What that person needs a taste of his own medicine!”  Or, “We have to fight fire with fire!”

These are all examples of “like cures like”, but it took Samuel Hahnemann, MD in 1810…

…to put this folklore into an actual science with medicines that we refer to as homeopathic remedies; or just simply, “remedies”.  I’m sure you’ve seen them at your health food store, but possibly paid no attention to them.  These tiny little plastic tubes contain little round sugar pellets that seemingly work magic, especially if you take them right away at the first sign of an illness or injury.

Why should we give any attention to a 200 year old obscure healing art that most people have never even heard of when we can avail ourselves of the best of “Modern Medicine”?  Well, for one thing, homeopathy wasn’t always obscure!  And secondly, to the extent that it is, we can thank Big Pharma’s single-minded crusade to silence all treatments that it doesn’t personally own! 

You know, even Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence and George Washington’s personal physician, warned that if Medical Freedom wasn’t written into the Constitution… well, here’s exactly what he said:

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come

when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict

the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to


Wow! I’m guessing you’re hearing this for the first time!  But yes, medicine has become a dictatorship–of drugs and surgery; and Big Pharma is not content to share the stage with anyone!  Any cure that’s out there, if Big Pharma doesn’t own it, is either derided or relegated to obscurity!  The phrase, “There’s no cure for this disease,” only means, “There IS a cure, but we don’t own it, so don’t expect to hear about it from us!”

Just google Stanislav Burzynsky as an example (see below).

Burzynsky, a Texas MD, with a harmless cure for cancer, became the target of a relentless FDA campaign, determined to put him out of business at any cost and even in jail if necessary!  The FDA didn’t care that there were no complaints against him and that his patients were adamant about his care being indispensable and irreplaceable.

The fact is, that despite its obscurity, homeopathic remedies work–like a charm–and without the harmful side effects of drugs. In fact, I call homeopathic remedies “the real medicine”, because they do the things that drugs claim to do.  They ARE the alternative to drugs!

People often find out about homeopathy quite by accident and especially out of desperation.

Maybe it’s a very distressing cough that no drug has worked for, so you find yourself in the health food store, browsing the shelves.  You see a homeopathic dropper bottle in the vitamin aisle labeled simply: “Cough”.

Hoping against hope, you buy “Cough”, and then comes the surprising result!

“Why didn’t somebody tell me about this?”

This actually happened to me!  My daughter, Shana, had a horrendous cough that she picked up at a “water park” when she was 8 years old.  (That place had disaster written all over it!) In desperation, I took her to a homeopath after this had gone on too long–over a month!  Actually, I took her to famous homeopath, Karl Robinson, MD.  The next day, incredibly, to my amazement, the cough was noticeably better; but I have to confess, I had so little faith in homeopathy that after I gave the first dose, I actually threw the bottle away!  I know, it sounds crazy, but I had gotten so used to things failing, “This is just a joke like everything else!” I thought; but, at some point on day-2, it started to dawn on me that she was coughing a lot less!  Frantically, I searched for the remedy!  I was desperately rummaging through trash receptacles all over the house when incredibly, I found it in the bathroom.  I breathed a heavy sigh of relief!  Yes, my daughter recovered completely!

The “Law Of Similars”

Apparently likes are cured by likes!   So, why don’t “opposites” cure?  That’s what your doctor believes.  It seems so logical, but once I explain it, you will say, “Oh, I get it!”  And here is the explanation:  We are not inanimate objects!

That’s it?

Yes, that’s it!

Why is that such a revelation?  Because all your Pharma drugs are predicated on the assumption that we ARE just that – that the human organism will accept a drug passively and let it work.  I’m sure that’s what you think too.  But that is not what happens!  Your body is actually alive, a living, thinking, system that adjusts and readjusts to all in-coming impressions!  If you take an antacid, like Tums, for acid indigestion, your body doesn’t say, “Oh good, Tums to the rescue, thank God!”  No, it says, “What the heck are these Tums doing here?  They’re wiping out all my precious stomach acid!  Now I have to start making it all over again from scratch!  Grr!!!  And in fact, not only do I have to make it all over again, but I have to make even MORE to ensure that this doesn’t happen again!”

The drug is perceived by your body as some alien force that is upsetting the apple cart!  This is why drugs need constant repetition, because the body perceives them as threats and tries to undo their results!


We call this phenomenon “rebound”, it’s what happens when your immune system undoes the effects of the drug, causing your symptoms to “rebound”.

Whatever you do to your body, it attempts to do the opposite to restore balance.  Your body is always working to restore balance!  “Homeostasis”, it’s called.  If you send a drug in to stop the production of stomach acid, your body is just going to make more the first chance it gets!  Clearly, the drug is helping in the short-run, but prolonging the illness in the long-run!

Have you ever eaten at a Chinese Restaurant?  I love Chinese food, but, be on the look-out for the hot mustard!  Have you ever unknowingly taken too big a bite out of the hot mustard or hot sauce?  OMG!  You grab the ice water!  You feel relief for the moment–until you swallow it!  Then your mouth starts burning again with a vengeance!  Why is this happening?  Why doesn’t the ice water give lasting relief?  Because the impression of cold  made your mouth heat up to restore balance!

I had my first lesson in this phenomenon called “rebound” when I was 5 years old.  I was at a back-yard cook-out.  I saw a metal pan filled with hot dogs on the grill and for some insane reason, I decided to pick it up.  How was I to know anything made of metal sitting on a grill was bound to be super hot?  I dropped it right away and ran into the house, into the bathroom, filled up the sink with cold water and plunged my hands in!  Ahh…. blessed relief!!!!

BUT, I thought I’d be able to take my hands out and go back to the party, but no!!!! Doing so made the burn come back even worse!  Every time I tried lifting my hands out of the water, the burn would come back and I’d have to push my hands back in again!  I was literally tied to the bathroom!  After a while my father got worried and came looking for me and found me with my hands in the sink.  This was my first experience with opposites not curing–-only palliating!  But this is a metaphor for what every drug is doing in your body–only palliating, and in need of constant repetition!

The prototype for all of standard medicine!

The doctor never seems to get the message!  He keeps saying, “Let’s give the drug again!”  What is he setting in motion here?  Well, clearly, drug dependence!

Doctors, take note:  The body self-adjusts to all impressions!

This is the conundrum of modern medicine–that you can’t give a drug without making the patient drug-dependent!

They all palliate in the beginning and aggravate in the end, leading to repeated doses and the start of addiction!

Indeed, you CAN’T stop the drug, because “drug > rebound, drug > rebound, drug > rebound…” is a never-ending cycle!

And then “tolerance” sets in!

At some point, due to “rebound”, the drug is no longer effective, no longer felt by the body!  So, higher and higher doses of the drug are needed along the way; ultimately, you’re in the untenable position where the drug runs out of potencies!

There is no limit to the body’s capacity to “rebound”, but there is a limit to how strong a drug can be before it becomes lethal!  Consequently, in the war between the drug’s symptom-suppressing capacity and the body’s “rebound” capacity, the drug eventually loses; and there you are in an untenable position!

Only your own immune system can circumvent the cycle of “Drug-Rebound”!

Only one entity can stop a symptom permanently–-it’s the immune system itself!  The trick is to take advantage of the body’s innate design for self-correction.  We’ve already seen that if there’s too much heat, and you add cold water, the body will create more heat to self-correct, thus adding to your sufferings.  But if you add Heat to Heat, the body will self-correct by cooling down, and this is what you want!  This is what has eluded everyone except for, and until, Samuel Hahnemann!  He got it!  

Our remedy for sunburn is homeopathic stinging nettle.  Why?  Because the stinging nettle plant burns!  

Have you ever taken a substance that made you sneeze?   What about red pepper?  Or black pepper?  See?  That’s the idea, and yes, we have remedies made out of pepper!  Why does that work to stop sneezing?  Because, knowing that the body always does the OPPOSITE…right?  To restore balance?  If you give a remedy that “sneezes” in real life, your body will be forced to compensate for the “excess sneezing” by doing the opposite; namely, stopping the sneezing!

You might say that the body is still “rebounding”, only now it’s “rebounding” against sneezing instead of rebounding against the drug taken for the sneezing!

“Oh, I think I see it now!”

I knew you would!   I really don’t think I can explain it any better than that, so I’m going to stop now and invite you to read the articles at the top of the page.


What something can cause, it can cure in small doses!

That’s homeopathy’s motto.  Isn’t that exactly what “A hair of the dog that bit you” means?  Why just a single hair?  How many hairs on a dog’s body?  Fifty thousand?  I don’t know, I’m just guessing.  So, one out of 50,000 is the “dose”.  That’s an awfully small dose, think about it!  But they say our homeopathic doses are ridiculously small!  But where did this folklore — a hair of the dog — come from?  It suggests that way back in time, someone knew a little something about–not just the law of similars–but, “nano dosing” as well! 

Homeopathy Works!


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